Vertical DB Flies with Leg Raises



It all started when I began exercising in the 4th through 6th grade before school each morning; encouraged by my father who was a 3 time AAU Gold Medalist on the Flying Rings in the 1940’s, and a two-time U.S Amputee Golf Champion. At the age of 19, I took up Weightlifting (and bodybuilding later on), my father’s Calisthenics, Martial Arts, and have virtually not stopped ever since.  

CIRCUIT TRAINING is a world-wide known method to train, and in 1976 I had the privilege of being trained under Gary S. who worked directly beside Dr. Arthur Jones who invented and introduced the entire worlds’ eye towards the Nautilus Circuit Training System. Thereafter, Dr. Jones' equipment & system became a popular method of training especially with athletes the world over - even to this day. 

JACK LALANNE, "the godfather of fitness", was one of my inspirations, even from my youth; I have studied and trained his methods for many years. Jacks methods are used even today and many of his feats of muscular endurance have yet to be accomplished by anyone.  Other fitness disciplines include: 

DYNAMIC TENSION (now called Isometrics - incredible overall strength and core development) – a lost but essential art of exercise of which I have studied over many decades; made world-famous in the 1950's & '60's by Charles Atlas. 

BRUCE LEE - need I even comment? I never studied  Jeet Kune Do; but I did and still do, train many of his exercises, especially his Isometrics.

MARTIAL ARTS: My disciplines include: Shotokan, Uechi-ryu, and Commando Krav Maga. My Uechi-rye instructor Rick Martin, was the only American to ever win the Okinawan Champion title in 1995. 

In around 1978 I met a nutritionist, Mike D., who set me on a path of ‘eating to win’. Since 1980 I have read virtually every label on food I have  purchased at the grocery store - watching carefully what I eats to stay fit (yes, I do cheat here and there).    

​I am Sports Science/Medicine Certified through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) an industry leader in Fitness Certifications. CERTIFIED in: {CPT. FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialist). High Intensity Interval Training for Women. Weight-loss, Cardio & Bodyweight Training for Women. Core Conditioning. Corrective Exercise. Neuromuscular Stretching. Integrated Injury Prevention. Cardiorespiratory Training for Sports Performance. Maximum Interval Training.}  

Each and everyday I am thankful for the influence my father had on me in keeping my body fit. ​And my mother was on top of all our Nutrition needs and keeping us away from processed food as much as possible. 

I am blessed to be able to bring over 5 decades of experience to you in living a life of fitness and changing others' lives for the better.

ANW Audition VIdeo 2017

This is my American Ninja Warrior Audition Video for the 2017 season; I was 64 at the time in the Summer of 2016.