Workout Classes in Augusta, GA

Ready for an extra push toward your fitness goals or a fresh start with your exercise routine? Body by Wally has a training studio in Augusta, GA, that can help. Our fitness classes / personal training programs will help you find your best “you.”

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At Body by Wally we don’t just offer you Personal Training workout classes, we offer a three-pronged approach to personalized fitness. We know that just one fitness regimen doesn’t fit all bodies or lifestyles; for true success, you need a plan that works for YOUR specific situation. A personalized plan means personalized results: You’ll get to look and feel your best.

First, we’ll customize an exercise plan by using clinically-proven metabolic resistance training methods (working all major muscle groups in the proper sequence with the correct intensity) in all our training. We’ll determine the exact workouts based on your fitness goals, your age, and your body type. Depending on your goals, we’ll incorporate aerobics, strength-training, core-development, and endurance exercises.

Next, we’ll help you with nutrition plans to fuel your exercise. What you eat affects your energy and performance ability, and we want to enable you to bring your best self to the gym — and a balanced diet helps you do just that. Since every body is different, we’ll find which foods best fuel yours.

Lastly, we’ll offer you community. A supportive community of people with similar goals can motivate you. We all value health as a top priority, and with our instructors and other members, you’ll be around people who can cheer you on and support you through your journey.

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To book your first session, fill out our online appointment form. So that we can best help you, please include your fitness goals and previous exercise experience. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours. You can also reach us by phone at (706) 726.2116.