We specialize in FUNCTIONAL FITNESS, CORE-DEVELOPMENT ATHLETICISM, & MUSCULAR ENDURANCE. Our success in our field comes from my in-depth knowledge of NEGATIVE & ISOMETRIC training, to our knowledge one of the few trainers in the CSRA that has disciplines in these skills.

My Background: Trained by a former associate at the Nautilus Facility with Dr. Arthur Jones in Deland FL. , inventor of Nautilus Gym Equipment who made CIRCUIT & NEGATIVE training famous world-wide in the 1970's. 

I have also studied Charles Atlas' Dynamic Tension, Jack LaLanne's Isometrics,  and Bruce Lee's ISO & NEG routines. 

I have also trained utilizing Isometrics by Master Rick Martin, of  Uechi-ryū  Karate who won the 1995  Uechi-ryū Championship in Okinawa. This style has a major emphasis on Isometrics, which is how they develop their bodies so hard that they can break Baseball Bats with their arms & legs. 

Former Military Client Memories:

One of remembrance was Ben who was entering into the Coast Guard. He was NOT in good shape when he came to us, so this was Hell for him - which he loved.

At the end of his weeks at Boot Camp, in his own words he said, "Your training made it 'DOABLE' , it obviously could never be easy."

Dr. Anna had been in the Army 10 years when she came to us, now at Ft. Gordon. Here it is 10 years later and her PUSH-UPS were SUPERIOR even being 10 yrs. older. She aced it so good that she stopped when she got her 100% to save energy.  

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Athlete-like training usually done as a CIRCUIT.


We Specialize in MUSCULAR ENDURANCE, ATHLETICISM, CORE-DEVELOPMENT, FUNCTIONALITY, NEGATIVE, & ISOMETRIC Training, one of the only trainers in the CSRA that has disciplines in these skills.

CORE-TRAINING like no other.


"Forge Your Bodies in the Fire of Your Will"

VERSACLIMBER: Just like at Gym #6 @ Ft. Gordon.

Other than Ft. Gordon & U. of S. Carolina, NO public gym in the CSRA  has it; we have TWO!

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If you have ever struggled with Push-ups, you won't anymore; lead trainer & owner Wally has done 700 in 29 min.



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