"We Forge Our Bodies in the Fire of Our Will "

[Routines Are Clinically Proven For ‘Real’ Results]

  "Empowering you to overcome life's many challenges." 

We are specialists in the field of body transformations and are 100% committed to helping you meet your fitness goals - turning Winner Mindsets into the best version of YOU that possibly can be and to reach your maximum potential. You'll blaze through a day's worth of cardio in our Total-body fitness classes feeling it in your entire body; and with due diligence, perseverance, and the support you’ll constantly get, amazing results are right around the corner.

Our routines include but are not limited to these areas of fitness: Getting that 6 pack; Weight loss; Cardio; Amazing Core-strength; Women’s overall health; Men’s overall health; Abdominal exercises;; Weight-loss. And to top that off; you'll just love our clean and invigorating atmosphere and amazing camaraderie.

We have helped hundreds of members reach their fitness goals though our small group-like exercise/fitness classes while realizing their full potential; and our vast amount of experience gives us a unique understanding of what truly works...where 'old-school' tried and true combines with modern day Science *, which sets us apart from the rest. (Why use a Personal Trainer)

Serving: Beginners; Those with Physical Hindrances; Fitness Enthusiasts; Athletes; Military; Active Mature Adults.

Increase Fitness Level & Energy, Lose Weight & Reduce StreSS


[We Don't Just Give You a Great Workout We Give You an Amazing Experience in an Inviting Atmosphere]

Don’t Expect 'Routine' Workouts. We endeavor to always be searching for those Committed Few that want to massively increase their Fitness Level. With over 5 decades of  Fitness Experience,  I'm very careful to use what is extremely beneficial, and what to discard what is basically useless, no matter how 'seemingly' popular.

Our training is CORE-CENTERED, focusing on Muscular & Cardio Endurance, while utilizing training Systems of  Functional Fitness, PHA and getting your body 'properly reved-up to benefit from EPOC ("After-Burn').

So if you want results bad enough, no matter your level of fitness, I'll help get you there with everything that's within me; - to have you reach your goals and stop struggling trying to figure out what will work

And fortunately, our energetic coaches will always provide you with the proper and dedicated routines that you need, as well as options for various abilities & fitness levels.  It can be said that we train in such as manner so as to be fit & lean sort of like a Bruce Lee (not "all show and no go"), rather than an 'Arnold' if you will.


Iron is strong, you are stronger. The training will be challenging as you build a STRONG PHYSICAL FOUNDATION & DEEP CORE-STRENGTH as you learn to compete against yourself; so with your commitment & consistency your fitness goals are inevitable. We've all got our reasons for training, and because no two bodies are the same the more specialized or advanced your training needs to be, and the more customized it must become. 

We're guided by a relentless focus of Scientific Integrity & Innovations, so know that you'll be receiving your training by uniquely designed programs that deliver not only great results, but dramatic improvements in your overall 'Quality of Life'​​.  Our purpose is to "Make the Impossible Possible", to give you a longer & more vibrant life, and help you become a better version of yourself. We give you real results and true & honest transformations, not a Band-Aid approach. You'll see visible results fast and Burn More Calories even after leaving the studio (up to 36 hrs. *); but...YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP!  And you'll love our soothing atmosphere and friendly group of members.  

We personally believe our Personal Training Fitness Gym located in Augusta, GA is like no other. Effective, Inspiring and Motivational...a workout experience that is unique to it's own; guided by Science-based methodologies.



"We can help take you to the next level whether it's just being able to move around better, or doing 1,000 Push-ups." 

Where It Gets Real; "What Sets Us Apart From The Rest"

[Calorie 'After-Burn' (EPOC) for up to 36 Hrs.]



"So what does that mean for you?

Our "Name-to-Fame" workouts combine both CARDIOVASCULAR  & RESISTANCE Training  applied in the Correct Ratio. Depending upon your routine for a particular day; exercises are formulated in a 'partial' Circuit fashion, where there is just the 'right-amount' of rest between the Strength exercises with properly calculated  intensity; thereby allowing for a MUCH STRONGER BODY and Highly Improved CARDIO. 

So if you then challenge yourself at the right intensity, your body will work harder to recover oxygen lost during exercise which revs your metabolism and makes you burn calories after your workout is over - resulting in Maximum Metabolic Burn (natural weight-loss & fat burn), which can effectively BURN CALORIES for up to 36 HOURS (After-burn) AKA EPOC (Excess-Post Oxygen Consumption), i.e..: a measurably increased rate of oxygen intake following strenuous activity.

In addition, we also incorporate PHA (Peripheral Heart Action System) which is simply a regimented workout where you alternate upper & lower body exercises throughout the Circuit which helps prevent blood pooling, allowing you to go longer in your workout by preventing 'the burn' feeling (by allowing the re-oxygenated blood to neutralize lactic acid and hydrogen ions we all get when we do certain workouts). This combined method is Modern-Science proven to

develop Overall Body Conditioning. 


[Sports-Science Training Methodologies We Systematically Incorporate]


  • Isometrics & Negatives: (Very few Trainers, if any, have any experience in this Elite Field of Training. It is the Foundations of Strength. Virtually all Professional Athletes utilize this, as do Martial Art Master through the years) 
  • Circuit & HIIT: (Various exercises designed to increase strength and Cardio, utilizing multiple stations; moving quickly with little rest). 
  • Strength: (usage of weights, body-weight, or any type of resistance). 
  • Calisthenics: (exercises performed using no added weight). 
  • Plyometrics: (controlled impact and maximum power). 
  • Functional Fitness: (exercises to help become exceptionally fit for YOUR life purpose).  


Where 'old-school' tried and true combines with modern day Science & the Sports industry (giving us a vast amount of experience and a unique understanding of what truly works) - enabling us to have helped hundreds of people reach their their full potential. 

We work your inner-core to stabilize your entire body synergistically, and then building your strength outward from there - unlike most anywhere else -  often talked about, but rarely accomplished - so fortunately for you, we're NOT your average trainers. 

Live better. Love deeper. Speak sweeter.  Strive harder. Learn daily. Be bolder. Forgive quicker. Question deeper. Dream bigger.  

Obtain Your Goals Faster & Safer by Utilizing Some of the Most Effective Routines Available



No matter your fitness level, we aim to train you to be more Functionally Fit  as much as you possibly can, whether you're someone looking for their first step toward their Fitness Journey; coming back after years of Not Exercising; a Fitness Enthusiast; training for an Athletic event or Military PT; an at Home Mom; Business Professional; Active Mature Adult; Boot Campers tired of big crowds and not getting the upper body strength that is missing; or Taking Your Fitness to a Whole New Level.  (Training is Age & Fitness Level Specific)

We also strategically interlock our training method with PHA (Peripheral Heart Action) training (working the upper & lower body in proper sequence to prevent the excessive fatigue, or 'burn'); all of this is backed by modern Science & the Sports industry as the most effective way to burn fat & develop the best overall physical conditioning. 

Your first step towards your goal will be our benchmark assessment, which includes an in-depth medical and fitness questionnaire, body composition index, movement screen, and postural analysis. Your first step towards your goal will be our benchmark assessment, which includes an in-depth medical and fitness questionnaire, body composition index, movement screen, and postural analysis. 

We'll evaluate your history, your overall fitness level, and objectives, to create your personal fitness road-map. Since needs, goals and lives change, the constant conversations we'll have between us will play a vital role in your success; because at the end of the day, it's about performing at your peak, and living your life to the fullest.  

As you progress in your training in the days and weeks ahead, you'll acclimate yourself to the routines while incrementally increasing the intensity, resulting in a more conditioned body.  

Expect from us: 

Encouragement; Respect; & Accountability. 

No wasted time – properly designed & effective workouts.

Accountability; Expectations WILL be set.

We’ll be your ‘unofficial’ therapist.

You WILL be challenged.

We expect you to “Expect Us” to give you exactly what you came for.

[Other Benefits of Our Training]

1) Develop Amazing Core-strength & Power.

2) Increase Muscular & Cardio Endurance, and Stamina.

3) Lose Weight, Inches, & Destroy Fat: Replace unwanted pounds while improving Muscle-Tone.

4) Build Functionality & Athleticism.

5) Increase VO2: Greatly increase oxygen intake thereby vastly increasing endurance & overall exhaustion level.

6) Shave up to 11:30 min. on your ½ Marathon in LESS than 4 mths.: (verified* - for active runners in races; training 3-4 days a wk..). 

7) Better Cholesterol Profiles [Reduce Bad (LDL) Cholesterol & chance of Type II Diabetes].

8) Boost Mood; Lower Anxiety; Decrease Stress; Boost Confidence Memory & Intelligence; Improve Posture; and Reduce Blood Pressure. 

9) Develop Flexibility; Posture; & Bone Density Enhancement. 

10) Improve Coordination; Stability; Mobility; & Balance for: Parkinson's; Strokes; Fibromyalgia; Lupus, & CMT (Private sessions)

11) Higher Military PT Scores.

12) Meal Planning / Diet Manual: A Complete Guideline for all members.

"Live Your Life to the Fullest"



 Well, the New Year is upon us; or, you just made the decision to change your fitness Quality of Life...which is the beginning of a new year for you. Many make NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS, or make NEW MAJOR DECISIONS through the year and get excited about implementing their new way of life; whether it is in one’s family, job, business, spiritual life, fitness, or most anything.

So FITNESS is what we are all about here, so…here it goes.
Friday January 18, 2019 is the designated 'QUITTERS' DAY' in a world-wide Runners community App.
And STRAVA (a social network for athletes), analyzed more than 31.5 million online activities last year and found that January 12th is the fateful day when most of our annual commitments start to crumble - that is how short of commitment it is before people start quitting.
Did you know that a FULL 80% of New Years resolutioners that join a Gym or start with a Personal Trainer will TOTALLY QUIT by the end of March.
HERE’S WHY SO MANY FAIL SO SOON, and even quicker during the year itself:
Your goals aren’t clear.
You feel overwhelmed.
You feel discouraged.
You’re not ready to change.

1. Have clear goals.
2. Have a REASON & PURPOSE that is larger than just being “all fired up”
3. The BUDDY SYSTEM (by national data). Having a resolution buddy doesn't make much of a difference right away, but social support STARTS to make a big impact around February, or about a month in.
4. Once you train at a BOUTIQUE CLUB, SUCH AS A PRIVATE CLUB (like ours – Body By Wally), people never want to train at a busy commercial facility again.
5. Use an app that counts your daily steps.
6. Prepare you meals for the coming week.
7. Tell all the people you can so you can be held more accountable.
8. DO tell your husband or wife or better half that you are going to a trainer or gym; do NOT keep it a secret because you will be running away from accountability that will keep you on track.
9. 94 percent of users of a COMMUNITY FITNESS APP or who connect with others at the gym with commitment partners, remain active nine months later for more.
To your health,


When lifting weights remember this: Lift PURE; it's not about how much you can 'move', it is about HOW MANY MUSCLE FIBERS YOU'RE ACTIVATING for a particular muscle group. WORK THE MUSCLE to STIMULATE, not annihilate. It is ALWAYS about the FORM & PRECISION of your movement, not the amount of weight or number of reps.

When you begin your particular exercise, think NOTHING negative about yourself and/or not being able to; EXECUTE IT till you are 'BUSTIN-OUT' with all you have within you. You MUST PROMISE YOURSELF that you will be the best (*!"k*!*#) person that you can possibly be - THAT'S the secret to being successful in developing your body.

(note: OWN the spot you're Training in, don't 'rent' it; i.e.: When you are doing Pushups for example, BE THERE, 'Address it' (as when you're ready to hit a golf ball), don't be thinking about going to another area, talking, the next routine, etc. ENTER INTO YOUR 'SPACE' & OWN IT, KILL IT, WORK IT, CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


When you work-out giving it so much that you're body and mind are totally 'spent', that you feel so amazingly good about yourself, you then were successful!

- Wally B.

Sacrifice bad 'things' affecting your life so you can become your best, instead of staying where you are.



'InBody' Scale & Personal Phone App.

InBody Body Composition Analyzers break down your weight, giving you Real-time results to help you understand and keep track of where your fat %, weight, & skeletal muscle body levels are at. This can act as a guide to help you better achieve your goals; whether that is shedding a few unwanted pounds or a complete body transformation.   


 My dear friend, I pray that everything may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as I know you are well in spirit. 

- 3 John 1:2