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It's Time To Get Excited About 'Your' Results-Driven Workout...

Training your body from 'the inside out' for impressive results...all science based.

[5 decades of Fitness Experience]


We Don't Just Give You a Great Workout, We Give You an Amazing Experience in an Inviting Atmosphere.



Welcome! I'm Wally Baskovich, Fitness Expert & Lead Training Coach @ BODY BY WALLY Personal Training in Augusta, GA; thank you so very much for visiting our site! We are specialists in our field that are extremely determined on getting you the best results possible and to help you reach your fitness goals. We are 100% committed to helping you meet your fitness goals and turning Winner Mindsets into the best version of YOU that possibly can be.  (Why use a Personal Trainer)

Don’t Expect Routine Workouts 

We endeavor to always be searching for those Committed Few that want to massively increase their Fitness Level. I have over 5 decades of  Fitness Experience [BIO] - so if you want it bad enough, no matter your level of fitness, I'll help get you there with everything that's within me; and we'll help you reach your goals so you can stop struggling trying to figure out what will work. And fortunately, our energetic coaches will always provide you with the proper and dedicated routines that you need, as well as options for various abilities & fitness levels.  It can be said that we train in such as manner so as to be fit & lean sort of like a BRUCE LEE (not "all show and no go"),  rather than an Arnold, if you will - with fitness results that are most amazing. 

IMPRESSIVE RESULTS  is what you want; so how do we do what we do?  

"Metabolic Resistance Training"

We train your body from the inside out, utilizing the most respected & effective methods known today; where you can KEEP BURNING CALORIES FOR UP TO 36 HRS. ("After-Burn"). Exercises that consume more oxygen burn more CALORIES (hense Fat) known as [EPOC] (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption),  while also developing an amazingly strong CORE system, and overall ENDURANCE.

And remember, productivity doesn't end with the workday; a human’s physical fitness pushes way past the walls of the gym, & health/wellness/fitness doesn't come in a bottle. It's your body made stronger, your choices made smarter, and your life lived better. So whatever you do, we'll help you do it at the peak of your powers.  

So now it's time to get really excited about your "Results-Driven Workouts'!

We want you to AIM HIGHER and refuse to settle for anything less, and we’ll be with you every drop of sweat of the way. At our Personal Training Studio you’ll get the energy of a group-like workout but with 'PERSONAL' attention; fueled by the power of physical transformation and your infinite potential. You'll move, fuel, & recharge your fitness like a champion at all levels and without limits. 

And we know you’ll love our gyms non-intimidating atmosphere, energizing atmosphere, friendly community, and highly effective workouts. It's Fun, Exciting, Encouraging, Tough, & Addictive! We have a great core-group of regulars, some being with us for years; who just love the camaraderie and everyone encouraging each other.    

MINIMIZE YOUR TIME & MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS  (click this link to see the Science, & our more than 5 decades of experience behind our members success) 

 "Live Your Life to the Fullest"

[WHERE it gets real / what sets us apart from the rest.

Eubie showed up and trained hard; plus runs on her own.

Eubie showed up and trained hard; plus runs on her own.



"Obtain Your Goals Faster & Safer By Utilizing The Most Productive & Effective Way To Exercise​"

So no matter your fitness level, we aim to train you to be more FUNCTIONALLY FIT  as much as you possibly can, whether you're someone looking for their first step toward their Fitness Journey; coming back after years of Not Exercising; a Fitness Enthusiast; training for an Athletic event or for Military PT; an at Home Mom; Business Professional; Active Mature Adult; Boot Campers tired of big crowds and not getting the upper body strength that is missing; or taking your fitness to a Whole New & Extreme Level.  (Training is Age & Fitness Level Specific)

We also strategically interlock this method with PHA (Peripheral Heart Action) training (working the upper & lower body in proper sequence to prevent the excessive fatigue, or 'burn'); all of this is backed by modern Science & the Sports industry as the most effective way to burn fat & develop the best overall physical conditioning. 

Your first step towards your goal will be our benchmark assessment, which includes an in-depth medical and fitness questionnaire, body composition index, movement screen, and postural analysis. Your first step towards your goal will be our benchmark assessment, which includes an in-depth medical and fitness questionnaire, body composition index, movement screen, and postural analysis. 

We'll evaluate your history, your overall fitness level, and objectives, to create your personal fitness road-map. Since needs, goals and lives change, the constant conversations we'll have between us will play a vital role in your success; because at the end of the day, it's about performing at your peak, and living your life to the fullest.  

As you progress in your training in the days and weeks ahead, you'll acclimate yourself to the routines while incrementally increasing the intensity, resulting in a more conditioned body.  

Expect from us: 

Encouragement; Respect; & Accountability. 

No wasted time – properly designed & effective workouts.

Accountability; Expectations WILL be set.

We’ll be your ‘unofficial’ therapist.

You WILL be challenged.


We expect you to “expect us” to give you exactly what you came for.

Other Benefits of our Training:

1) Develop Amazing Core-strength & Power.

2) Increase Muscular & Cardio Endurance, and Stamina.

3) Lose Weight, Inches, & Destroy Fat: Replace unwanted pounds while improving Muscle-Tone.4) Build Functionality & Athleticism.

5) Increase VO2: Greatly increase oxygen intake thereby vastly increasing endurance & overall exhaustion level.

6) Shave up to 11:30 min. on your ½ Marathon in LESS than 4 mths.: (verified* - for active runners in races; training 3-4 days a wk..). 

7) Better Cholesterol Profiles [Reduce Bad (LDL) Cholesterol & chance of Type II Diabetes].

8) Boost Mood; Lower Anxiety; Decrease Stress; Boost Confidence Memory & Intelligence; Improve Posture; and Reduce Blood Pressure

9) Improve Flexibility; Posture; & Bone Density Enhancement. 

10) Help Improve Coordination, Stability, Mobility, & Balance for: Parkinson's, Strokes, Fibromyalgia, & CMT (Private sessions)

11) Higher Military PT Scores.

12) Meal Planning / Diet Manual: A Complete Guideline for all members.


NOT what Michael wanted to hear! LOL



Our BODY BY WALLY workouts utilize the correct ratio of CARDIO & RESISTANCE training mixed with 5 decades of Fitness Experience - where 'old-school' tried and true combines with modern day Science & the Sports industry (giving us a vast amount of experience and a unique understanding of what truly works) - enabling us to have helped hundreds of people reach their their full potential. 

"Adding Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years"



We don't just help forge you in body, but also in spirit – to empower you with the self-confidence to overcome life’s anxiety, to focus better, and to stay in the best shape you possibly can.  

 We want you to have fun and enjoy your training, however we also want you to give it all you have so you can become all that YOU want to be. Whether you believe it or not, you can and you will find that “AMAZING” inside of you.  

"Look Better, Feel Better, Be Healthier & More Confident"



   "Experience the Life Changing Difference of a Professional" 

We're not your typical personal trainers. So what makes us stand out from the rest?

 A Fitness program is only as good as the people behind it, and we humbly believe ours is like no other. 

Our 'Coaches' will not only show you proper technique, but we'll be there for you in a personal & caring manner - encouraging, and with skill & passion. You'll become partners in the impossible, and together we’ll break records, tear down walls and unlock the extraordinary - because every step you'll be driven by Coaches that sincerely care about you reaching your goals.

I am fortunate enough to have 'lived' in the "World-of-Fitness" for over 5 decades BIO - so I'm very careful to use what is extremely beneficial, and what to discard what is basically useless (no matter how 'seemingly' popular).

  Your Expect the Best & Deserve the Best  

[For those seeking highly skilled Personal Trainers] 



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