We want you to have fun and enjoy your training, however we also want you to give it all you have so you can become all that YOU want to be. Whether you believe it or not, you can and you will find that “AMAZING” inside of you.  

"Look Better, Feel Better, Be Healthier & More Confident"

 (This is Amy, one of our members, she's 58 - Yes, you heard correctly!)

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ALLISON R.  {in PIC above } : I have to deal with the beginning stages of Parkinson’s and not even 50 yet. I had numerous problems, including my leg dragging, my arm was hard to move, tremor’s, my balance off, overall movement, and was weak. I was advised to go to Wally’s because of his experience and success training a “Parkinson’s’ lady in her mid-80’. After training with him for about 16 sessions, I went to my specialist for a follow-up and she was fully surprised on how all of the above issues have changed drastically, – no leg dragging, no tremors,  so much improvement in fact, that my Dr. took me off my tremors medication and said I was doing “GREAT!”. THANK YOU WALLY!*   

KATHY R. : At 68 years ‘young’ I am a runner, and have struggled for a decent ‘run time’ (for me), plus  strength, balance and agility…especially running and getting over rocks, curbs, branches, and slippery leaves. Since training with Wally I can get through ALL OF THESE OBSTACLES, and my running time has drastically decreased – VERY BLESSED!  *  

RICHARD C: Tried to do a personal trainer at (a large gym in Evans) and my wife never wanted to go back – where some buffed guy stands around doing nothing while she’s trying to do planks and push-ups, when she has never done them before. We are older than 55 and realize that fitness and "core" strength is important. We are in our 4th week and my wife actually gets up and goes to see Wally because she feels better. My wife has arthritis and has to have some exercises modified...not a problem with Wally, he constantly asks how she is doing and changes things to accommodate her. I too have noticed a remarkable difference in my legs, back and arms. This has been a wonderful experience and could not have asked for a better trainer!!  *   

* Disclaimer: All testimonies are from actual clients in their own words – NO guarantees are implied and results will vary from person to person. 


CARMEN W. {in PIC above }At 63 years old, one of the best decisions I ever made was starting to train with you in the specific manner that you do. Your Personal training had made a TREMENDOUS difference in my physique so rapidly! I dropped the excess pounds, lowered the bad cholesterol and the risk of diabetes, (I was borderline diabetic), and most of all, I am healthier and I feel so much better physically and mentally! This is teaching me a lesson; it's not too late to start exercising CORRECTLY, we just have to be dedicated and committed! Thank you so much – you are a blessing!*   

ADIS Q: First of all I LOVE the environment at Body By Wally; so nice, clean and friendly – I will not train in the big gym atmosphere. I lost 8 pounds in just a few weeks (plus inches); and not just that, but SO MUCH ENDURANCE in my muscles and cardio - and a lot of strength. I have more energy (am on my feet 12+ hrs a day) and sleep so much better. Thank you Wally!  *  

PATRICIA G: I’ve had a multitude of bodily issues for many years, from balance, to strength, to no muscle strength at all most of my life. After training at Wally’s for a little over a month I am already seeing strength to walk up steps without much effort, and every day functionality – so very, very happy!! *  

* Results may vary. Even if you follow our exercise / training program fully, you may not obtain your desired results. Actual results depend on you, the individual. You may not experience the weight loss, lose fat, gain muscle, or attain the results you are seeking. Neither Body By Wally LLC, nor its employees, agents, or affiliates, make any guarantees or warranties as to the results that may be obtained from exercise program or information and services provided during workout.

Participants are urged to always consult a medical professional or physician before participating in activity or starting an exercise program.